PS4 Far Cry Primal + Far Cry 4 - Duopack R2

2019-05-09 15:52:13

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PS4 Far Cry Primal + Far Cry 4 - Duopack R2
Primal Far Cry and Far Cry 4 DUOPACK
From prey to hunters
World-controlled giant fauna
Engrossing action without compromise
Primal Far Cry and Far Cry 4 DUOPACK!
Far Cry Primal
award-winning Far Cry brand already showed you a tropical island and the Himalayas, but now enters a completely new territory. And that gets to the primordial struggle for survival in the Stone Age, where at one point encounter with a gigantic fauna, breathtaking scenery and unpredictable clashes with other tribes!
Welcome to the time in which every step lurk mortal danger and endless adventures in time which ruled the earth mammoths and saber-toothed tigers and humans have been at the bottom of the food ladder. As the last survivor of your hunting groups, you will learn to produce deadly weapons, reflecting the attacks of ruthless predators and outwit the enemy tribes on the way to rule the country Orosi!
Key Features:
From prey to hunters
locks you into the skin Takkara, an experienced hunter and the last representative of your hunting party. You have one goal - to survive in a world where you're the prey!
Take care of the welfare of his tribe and lead your species.
You will meet a number of important figures that will help you fight off the danger wilderness.
Compete with hostile tribes seeking to do everything possible, so you and your tribe wiped out.
the stone Age-style Far Cry
This is not the stone Age, you know from textbooks. This is Stone Age full of fighting and chaos. This is the Stone Age by Far Cry!
You sneak around the enemy camp and you attack with weapons made from the bones of prey in your hands.
You will master the secrets of fire and thus expand your tactical options. Using fire to your gun, for example dispels the night predators.
Killing hunted animals is not yet certainty raw materials from prey. The smell of carrion can attract predators who present it to you like to compete.
World-controlled giant fauna
After the last Ice Age glaciers returned to the mountains and left behind fertile ground burgeoning plants and trees, where people and animals can flourish - provided they have enough forces to possess this realm!
You will discover the majestic and wild country Oros with its beautiful valley sequoia forests, taiga harsh and humid swamps.You will see the earth before it claimed the man.
Oros full of life in various forms - from deer herds, despite fierce pack of wolves to the warring tribes. Country is ruled megafauna - avlozubmi tigers and mammoths - who ruled the country of the Stone Age.
Far Cry 4
can look forward to brand new huge open world with integrated cooperative mode in which you can always engage at any time from him again disconnected.
The highly anticipated sequel Action adventure game Far Cry comes and brings players new environment and dechbrouc graphics. In Far Cry 4 we find a new open world Himalayan peaks, new weapons, vehicles and wild animals. The hero is a swarthy young man Ajay swashbuckling Ghali, who will face myriad obstacles and dangerous enemies. You will benefit from climbing through the chute hook, or you can enjoy a free fall into the abyss with a special suit. There will also be a large arsenal of weapons for blasting or close combat.
What awaits us?
Engrossing action without compromise. Ubisoft does not leave much prompting and serves avid gamers a really well-done piece after another. In the next episode of the saga known Far Cry okotujete a challenging life in the foothills of the Himalayas. Here is a country Kyrat which dominates the iron fist of a dictator Pagan Min.
Cinematic experience of a new generation. The hero Ajay Ghali mountain ranges with absolute assurance and after his return to his native country wants to get involved dopevratu. Dozens of camps waiting for their liberation and immediately added to your side. Breathtaking graphics processing squeezes the older generation consoles absolute maximum, but only in submission nextgen consoles you can enjoy the full effects.
Completely open game world, inviting environment and many opportunities for action calls for different styles of entertainment. To the elephant back to overwhelm the enemy base? You can calmly. However, you may prefer a creeping process, in which the alignment of disposing of one bad guy at a time? No problem. An interesting fillings will surely become cooperation in nalplm multiplayer.

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