BioCare Alfalfa Chlorophyll Stevia 500ml Healthy Care Healthy Drinks

2020-03-23 13:29:37


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Nur Hamimi

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Sarawak | Miri

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Hamimi Lovely Shop 8cent Seller Store

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BioCare Alfalfa Chlorophyll Stevia 500ml Healthy Care Healthy Drinks

Eliminate bad breath and body odour
Promote digestive, pancreas and spleen function
Strengthen the immune system
Protect liver, improve alertness and weight management
Balance body acid-alkaline level
Increase oxygen intake

Alfalfa contains 4 times of chlorophyll level companed to normal vegetable. A tablespoon of chlorophyll powder is equivalent to the nutrient 1 kilogram vegetables. Thenefore, it brings a lots of benefits to our body. Chlorophyll is like plant's blood, will carry energy into plant cells through photosynthesis.
Consumption of chlorophyll products can help in regulates our digestive system resisting free radicals, slow down aging process and improve liver detoxification. Besides of chlorophyll, alfalfa contains a wide variety of vitamins (A, B-1, B-6, C, E& K), minerals (calcium, potassium, iron & zinc) and good source of protein. In addition, studies show that chlorophyll poses anti-cancer function and regulate cholesterol level.

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Hamimi Lovely Shop

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2019-02-20 (One year ago)

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