BioCare Marine Collagen X2 Free Maqui Berry Plus 10's Beauty Care

2019-04-03 16:51:23


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Nur Hamimi

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Sarawak | Miri

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BioCare Marine Collagen X2 Free Maqui Berry Plus 10's Beauty Care

Plumps Up The Skin
Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Improves The Skin's Elastic Helps
Achieve a Glowing Radiant Complexion

In our body, there is 30% to 40% protein is made up of collagen. It is a connecting agent between cells. It is mainly used as the binding agent in our connective tissue such as bone, tendon, ligament, blood vessel and skin. Dermis of the skin is composed mainly of collagen, making the skin look compact and elastic.

Collagen will loss with aging, stress life, unhealthy lifestyle, UV radiation, environmental pollution and other factors, which cause the aging of physiological function and skin once there is an inadequate collagen in our body, the dermal tissue will collapse and skin problems such as wrinkles, sagging, large pores and freckles start to appear on the skin.Thus, we need to consume collagen in order to keep the skin young.

Ingredients : Marine collagen, skim colostrum powder and natural vanilla powder.
Recommended Dosage : 1 sachet per day.
Direction of Use : Mix 1 Sachet with 200 ml of lukewarm water of lukewarm (40C) / cold water.

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Hamimi Lovely Shop

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2019-02-20 (11 months ago)

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