Heinz Glass Jar Baby Food (110g) Custard with Strawberry & Banana

2019-03-16 17:46:22


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Name : superstore

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Location :
Pahang | Kuantan

Item Details

Item for : Sell

Category : Groceries
Sub-Category : Baby Care

Type : Baby Food

Description :
Ideal pantry stables, our iconic glass jar range offers a wide variety of sweet and also savoury options with appropriate texture for your baby as they grow and develop.
A fruity breakfast to start the day & a delicious dessert for babies 6mths+.

[Vanilla Custard]
Water (49%), Full Cream Milk (38%), Sugar (5.9%), Cornflour (5%), Unsalted Butter (1.9%), Natural Vanilla Flavour.
[Banana Custard]
Water, Full Cream Milk (32%), Sugar, Cornflour, Banana (1.7%), Unsalted Butter, Cream, Natural Flavour, Sweetened.
[Strawberry Banana Custard]
Water (47%), Full Cream Milk (38%), Sugar (4.3%), Cornflour (4.3%), Strawberry Juice (3.0%), Unsalted Butter (1.9%), Banana (1.0%), Natural Flavours.
[Summer Fruits Gel]
Apple Juice Concentrate (77%), Orange Juice (17%), Pineapple Juice (3.8%), Passionfruit Juice (3.2%), Vegetable Gums (Carrageenan, Locust Bean Gum), Vitamin C, Food Acid (Potassium Citrate).
[Banana Porridge]
Banana (44.9%), Water (36%), Full Cream Milk (11%), Oat Bran (8%) (Contains Traces of Wheat), Vitamin C.
[Apple Banana Cereal]
Apple Juice (43%), Full Cream Milk (25%), Banana (17%), Oats (12%) (Contain Traces of Wheat), Oatbran.
[Apple Blueberry Muesli]
Cooked Oats (37%) (Contains Traces of Wheat), Apples (20.5%), Water (15%), Banana (12%), Blueberries (9%), Sultanas (3.8%), Oat Bran (2.6%), Vitamin C.

Made in Australia

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Store name:
Super Store

Store Since:
2019-03-07 (3 months ago)

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