Nestle Nutren Junior Prebio1 800g Kid Food Breakfast Drinks

2021-09-08 17:50:01


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Nur Hamimi

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Sarawak | Miri

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Hamimi Lovely Shop 8cent Seller Store

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NUTREN JUNIOR is a nutritionally balanced supplement designed for children aged 1 - 10 years old with or at risk of malnutrition.

1) Wash hands. Follow the dosage table & select the volume to be prepared.

2) Measure cooled boiled water and pour in a clean bowl or container.

3) Scoop & level 55g of the powder (7 scoops) using the scoop in the tin or weight by grams.

4) Add the powder to water & immediately stir until well mixed. * to maintain the probiotic activity, ensure water temperature has cooled down to 45C or below before adding the powder.

5) After use, store the scoop inside the can. Suitability as a daily supplement:

- For children who may not be consuming sufficient nutrition from regular food

- For children as nutritional support before or after surgery.

Usage: - A supplement to complete a healthy meal plan

- A sole source of nutrition

- Ideal for consumption at anytime of the day

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Hamimi Lovely Shop

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2019-02-20 (3 years ago)

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