Nestle Nutren Optimum 400g Breakfast Drinks

2019-03-07 12:02:34


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Name : Nur Hamimi

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Sarawak | Miri

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Category : Groceries
Sub-Category : Health / Beauty

Type : Food Supplements

Item : Well Being

Description :
NUTREN OPTIMUM is a complete and balanced nutrition to help enhance immunity & support recovery during illness; and regain your strength

Direction for Use

1) Measure 190ml of cooled boiled water* & pour into a clean bowl or container. * to maintain the probiotic activity, ensure water temperature has cooled down to 45°C or below before adding the powder.

2) Scoop & level 55 g of the powder (7 scoops) using the scoop in the tin or weight by grams.

3) Stir vigorously until the powder has completely dissolved

4) After use, store the scoop inside the can. Suitable as a daily supplement for:

- As pre- & post-operative nutrition - For people encountering a loss of appetite/insufficient oral nutritional intake

- For the frail and elderly
- For those who require extra nourishment

- For adults with a busy schedule with tendency to skip meals Usage:
- A supplement to complete a healthy meal plan
- A sole source of nutrition

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Hamimi Lovely Shop

Store Since:
2019-02-20 (4 months ago)

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