KINOHIMITSU D'Tox Tea Ginger 2g X 60s Detox Healthy Drikns

2021-12-31 03:34:01


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RM 52

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Nur Hamimi

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Sarawak | Miri

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Hamimi Lovely Shop 8cent Seller Store

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KINOHIMITSU D'Tox Tea Ginger 2g X 60s Detox Healthy Drikns

Natural, traditional herbs blended together to create a light, delicious and caffeine-free beverage that helps to achieve results. Kinohimitsu Detox Tea gently rejuvenates the body, lessening fatigue and restoring vigour to those who often feel weak or tired. People who lead hectic, demanding lifestyles often experience more physical and mental discomfort, and Kinohimitsu Detox Tea can help to remedy your problems. Ginger has been well-known for over 5000 years for its powerful health imparting properties and is said to have most potent medicinal properties.

Promotes regular bowel movement -Eliminates harmful waste from bowels -Great taste, ideal for serving guests

Ginger Root -Orange Peel Rosehips Fruit -Uva Ursi -Chamomile Flower -Stevia Leaves -Althea Root (Marshmallow) -Buckthorn Bark

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Hamimi Lovely Shop

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2019-02-20 (3 years ago)

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