Eveline Beauty BodyClean Vegetable Carbon Brazil Enzyme-80 (2 BOX)

2019-09-23 09:06:28


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Nur Hamimi

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Sarawak | Miri

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Hamimi Lovely Shop 8cent Seller Store

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Eveline Beauty Body Clean Vegetable Carbon Brazil Enzyme-80 (30Caps/pack)

- Well functioning of digestive system
- Changing bacterial environment
- Easing defecation
- Enhancing metabolism

Specially selected botanical fermentation complex from Japan, made with 80 variants of vegetables and fruits. Adding Lactic Acid Bacteria Complex, Senna Leaf Extract and Fructooligosaccharide which is needed for Prebiotics to help mantain digestive tract function ans easing defecation.
It also maintains healthy bacteria phase in order to keep you refreshed and healthy.

- For normal usage: 1 capsule per day
- For more effectiveness: once per day with one capsule each. The capsule should be taken together with cold/lukewarm water. The product can be taken before or after meal

- Store in a cool dry place avoid heat and direct sunshine
- Keep it out of reach of children

- This product contain aloe, not suitable to pregnant woman
- Each capsule contains 10 mg of sennosides. The advise dosage is 1 capsule per day. Don't take over 3 capsules per day.
- This product contains mango.

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Hamimi Lovely Shop

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2019-02-20 (One year ago)

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