Lada Vitamin C Mask Cream & Scrub Whitening & Smooth

2020-01-05 16:27:42


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RM 4

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Felicia Amelia

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Pahang | Bandar Tun Abdul Razak

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Felicia Store 8cent Seller Store

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Conditions : New

Category : Groceries

Sub-Category : Health / Beauty

Type : Bath / Body

Description :
Lada Vitamin C Mask Cream & Scrub Whitening & Smooth

Variations: -
Mask - RM4
Scrub - RM4
Mask + Scrub - RM7


Lada Mask & Lada scrub Vitamin C

Helps to brighten and soften skin.
Help to anti aging slow down wrinkles
Stimulate and strengthen collagen.
Help to smell Deodorant
Removes stains (available for both face and body)
Food & drug Administration of thailand approved

HOW TO USE mix both lada scrub + lada mask make a past apply it to the body and leave it for 40-45 mins and wash

HOW TO USE only lada mask ! put lada mask for 30 mins and wash with water

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Felicia Store

Store Since:
2019-11-26 (One year ago)

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