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At present time, the increase use of telecommunications, media, and digital technologies has grew rampant which reflects the ease of use for today's generation Z. Unfortunately for the mentioned age group, they will not know the true extent and value of "8 cents" in comparison to the baby boomers group. Many alike from the latter group can do much which includes putting food on the table for a whole family with "8 cent". Hence, this is why we created our concept evolving 8cent.com.

We feature a unique combination here at 8cent.com and would like to truly reflect on our domain due to the concept of which it represents luck and prosperity. Our website comprises of valuable information collected throughout the years, which consists of data that will aid and ease our users into having a better understanding in their decision making in terms of valuation and purchasing power through our detailed tracker.

We also provide a subtle and comprehensive list which is user friendly for all ages to use. With these information, you, our valued user, will have a better understanding into market trends, inflation and so forth hence making better decisions into your purchases.

As the sun sets, we at 8cent.com would like to reach out to all age groups to bridge their daily needs and necessities not only in terms of physical household goods but information to make purchasing online a much convenient and hassle free environment. We embody this concept with the ease of access in today's digital world with the creation of an applicant that you can easily download and browse through at any given point of time.

We certainly drive success in terms of bringing core values from our staff to all our users visiting us and would like to wish you a happy and safe surfing. Our initiative to reflect with said core values would be to lament on our slogan which entails of - Shopping Made Easy.

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